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New Year. New Blog!

Starting 2021 with a brand new blog just feels right. Because designing jewelry is therapeutic for me, talking about it seems to make sense. I'm going to start by going back in time. Way back. Here's a terrible photo from my ancient jewelry design history.

Loving stones

Stones turn me on. When I was about six or seven we visited the Arkansas mountains and filled our pockets with "rubies and diamonds," AKA tiny garnets and quartz. I've always loved two things about natural stones: their age and their longevity. Each little gem, after hiding out in the earth for thousands, if not millions, of years was mined, selected, shaped, polished and provided to me. And pretty much nothing can hurt it. Stones will last long after the wearer is gone. I love that.

Designing wearable art

I hope each piece I create can stand alone as art, in addition to enhancing someone's personal look. Sometimes that creates asymmetry. Sometimes it dictates rhythm and balance. I've been designing jewelry for at least 20 years, starting with the less expensive stones and metals in this photo. Over the years my eye became more disciplined and my skills improved.

The most difficult thing to admit is that you might not love what I love. You might not wear what I'd wear. Not a lot of people want copper and brass jewelry, nor the big stones in this photo. As my designs have evolved, I've been more successful at anticipating what people might like.

Moving from Etsy

I've had jewelry on Etsy as Galen Studio for many years. I've found that as Etsy has grown, a little shop like mine is harder to find, their fees have increased, and their policies have become complicated and frustrating. Buh-bye!

Since I'm a marketer and web designer already, I decided to create a new jewelry brand and website, and slowly phase out my Etsy presence. I'm discounting jewelry that I move from Etsy to Shell Point.

Follow to comment

I hope you'll follow this blog so I can share with you: tips on choosing stones, tools to use, working with wire, making jewelry just for yourself, and more. When you sign up, or become a "member," you'll be able to ask questions or leave comments and I'd really love to hear from you. I've learned that many people who buy my handmade jewelry also want to make their own.

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