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This stunning piece of art features a thick slice of rare Ocean Jasper with a tangerine aura quartz crystal.


Ocean Jasper is much more rare than diamonds. Diamonds are plentiful, still being mined after more than two hundred years. All Ocean Jasper has been mined out from its only source in Madagascar. The original veins were only exposed during low tide - hence the name Ocean Jasper - discovered in 1999. These special stones feature perfect spheres (orbs) in the stone which, when sliced, make perfect circles, creating works of art like this splendid sample. There are other orbicular jaspers, but they don't have these clearly defined concentric circles.


The orange, heat-treated quartz crystal is called "tangerine aura" for its opalescence. The rainbow is strongest on a black background, like a little black cocktail dress, the perfect companion to his fine piece of art.


Additional gemstones are citrine, carnelian, aquamarine and freshwater pearls. All metals are genuine sterling or 925 silver, inclluding a solid silver elephant, which hangs down the back, giving you an exit as elegant as your entrance.


Solid silver hook clasp secures your necklace at 18" with a 4.25" extension for variable necklines.


Learn more about Ocean Jasper here:

Ocean Jasper Aura Necklace

  • Imperfections are as lovely in a natural gemstone as they are in human beings. You won't find the consistency of glass in my stones. There will be flaws in gems, and inconsistencies between pairs. Relax. Individuality, not uniformity, shows off your gift to the world.

    Caring for your jewelry is as simple as protecting your silver from oxidation. A plastic bag will do.

    All Shell Point jewelry was photographed in natural light. However, the color on your computer or phone screen may not perfectly represent your jewelry.

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