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A complex knot of sterling silver is the perfect symbol for love. We are intertwined, our emotions and attitudes as much as our bodies, and we do not wish to untangle ourselves from that crazy, messy experience called commitment. 


Tightly woven silver, in contrast to free-spirited, playful mother-of-pearl, are the perfect reflection of your love.


Genuine mother-of-pearl and all metal is sterling silver. 1.5" on a solid sterling silver hoop earring. 

Love Knot Earrings

$85.00 Regular Price
$76.50Sale Price
  • Imperfections are as lovely in a natural gemstone as they are in human beings. You won't find the consistency of glass in my stones. There will be flaws in gems, and inconsistencies between pairs. Relax. Individuality, not uniformity, shows off your gift to the world.

    Caring for your jewelry is as simple as protecting your silver from oxidation. A plastic bag will do.

    All Shell Point jewelry was photographed in natural light. However, the color on your computer or phone screen may not perfectly represent your jewelry.

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