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Labradorite can be plain gray, or can be lit up with fire that radiates in the light. The fire can be pink, blue, lavendar, or green.  These special stones have a strong blue-green fire. It makes them very precious.


I picked a few of these stones up at the height of my marketing career, in a moment of weakness, at a very exciting little bead shop in Laguna Beach, California. I've never spent so much before or since on beads that were not a commission, but these dazzled me. I didn't make anything to sell with them back then. For a long time I was afraid to charge very much for my work because I assumed no one would pay it.


Recently, I made the choice to create what I want to create, sell pieces for what they're worth, and not stress at all if it doesn't sell. I love what I create and I'm happy to keep it for myself. My life is difficult right now, and making things I love, even if they have to be expensive, gives me joy.


I've lost my model, my daughter Heather moved back to New Jersey, but I hope you can see how lovely these are when photographed like this.


1.5" high, featuring sterling silver beads, and a sterling silver leverback earwire that locks in place.

Fiery Labradorite Earrings

  • Imperfections are as lovely in a natural gemstone as they are in human beings. You won't find the consistency of glass in my stones. There will be flaws in gems, and inconsistencies between pairs. Relax. Individuality, not uniformity, shows off your gift to the world.

    Caring for your jewelry is as simple as protecting your silver from oxidation. A plastic bag will do.

    All Shell Point jewelry was photographed in natural light. However, the color on your computer or phone screen may not perfectly represent your jewelry.

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