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James will create an original portrait of one person from the shoulders up.


The painting will be based on a high quality photo you provide once you've purchased this item.


James does not use a filter.

He hand paints each stroke on an iPad with very limited strength and energy. Each portrait takes one to two weeks to create. You can request any of the styles shown on this website. Additional people or more of the body will mean additional cost. Please provide this information after your purchase.


If you'd like to have your piece printed on stretched canvas (like the example shown), the cost of the canvas will be additional. Any size up to 16" x 20" is available.


James Strazza is 100% bed bound with Very Severe ME/CFS. He paints on his iPad with help from an expensive supplement called Oxaloacetate. To help pay for it, he's offering to create a custom piece of art for you. Learn more about James in this article which went national on the USA Today network:


We’re still in the phase of raising awareness, unbelievably, that ME/CFS is actually a real disease and not psychological. Just this morning I read a post by someone whose caregiver quit on them because they wouldn’t (because they couldn’t) sit up to eat. James has not sat up in three years.


Until there’s a general, ubiquitous knowledge of this disease, the already unimaginable suffering it causes will continue to be exacerbated by mistreatment.

Custom Portrait

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