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You've just caught the perfect wave, with an ocean of smooth blue kyanite flowing beneath. 


Polished deep blue 2 3/8" (60 mm) kyanite swings below a one inch ceramic bead. Sterling silver and copper accents. Two-part 3.5" pendant moves along a 14" denim blue leather cord hanging from a 12" chain necklace without a clasp.

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Wave bead by artist Shelly Woollvin.

Blue leather cord from Mykonos Greece. 

3.5" (90mm) overall pendant on a 26" leather and chain necklace.

No clasp. Length can be customized.

Blue Wave Kyanite Necklace

  • Imperfections are as lovely in a natural gemstone as they are in human beings. You won't find the consistency of glass in my stones. There will be flaws in gems, and inconsistencies between pairs. Relax. Individuality, not uniformity, shows off your gift to the world.

    Caring for your jewelry is as simple as protecting your silver from oxidation. A plastic bag will do.

    All Shell Point jewelry was photographed in natural light. However, the color on your computer or phone screen may not perfectly represent your jewelry.

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